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FAQs Top 10 frequently asked questions.

In case you missed our Instagram post in the FAQ. Here is the deck with the top 10 frequently asked questions and our answers.

Frequently Asked Questions
Friendly Asked Questions

Top 10 frequently asked questions

1) Q: Can I book directly with you?

A: Absolutely! It is very easy. Visit our website at

2) Q: What are the benefits of booking direct?

A: I am glad you asked. There are many; and they can be monetary or no. To get you started:

  • No commission to online platform

  • Earlier check-in time

  • Automatically enrolled in our VIP program that offers exclusive discounts and rewards for repeat guests.

  • And much more, but I am running out space here.

3) Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Simple and straightforward: If the reservation is canceled 30 days before check-in date, full refund will be offered. Cancellations with less than 30 days before check-in date, no refund will be allowed.

4) Q: Is there a check-out shores list?

A: That is a Hard, NO for us. The cabin rules are:

  • Relax,

  • Renew,

  • Renovate, and

  • Don't wake up the bear!

5) Q: Is there a hot tub and when can we use it?

A: Oh Yes!. You can enjoy our 6-people/65 jet hot tub anytime. It is private and all for you to enjoy.

6) Q: Is there a fireplace and when can we use it?

A: Oh Yes! We have a gas fireplace and it is available most of the year, except during the summer. You didn't ask, but we also have an outdoor fire pit by the hot tub.

7) Q: Do I have to bring my own linens?

A: No. You will have fresh linens and your beds will be already made. We also provide towels, handwash towels, bath towels for the hot tub, and toiletries.

You do need to bring your own cloth though. But if you forget anything, there many stores close by to shop. Maybe an excuse to do some shopping? ;)

8) Q: Is there a washer and dryer?

A: Yes. There is a full-size washer and dryer inside the unit.

9) Q: Can we cook there. Do I need to bring my own pans and pots?

A: Yes, you can cook at the cabin. We have a full-stocked kitchen so no need to bring your pots and pans.

Full-size stainless steel appliances (range, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator). Coffee maker (regular and k-cup), electric kettle for tea. Bonus: we provide coffee, tea, cream, and sugar, but you are welcome to bring your own.

10) Q: I can't think of anything else right now. Can I contact you before completing the booking?

A: Absolutely! While the website' booking process is very simple and user friendly, if you get stuck or have additional questions, you can text me at 706-389-5361 or email me at

Also, I encourage you to visit our website and our Eat, Shop, and Play section to learn more.

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